School Events

  • International Night

    Our yearly "International Night Event" and "Shining Stars" Talent show 17.00 - 19.00 Jun/01/2018

  • Art Exhibition

    The Art Exhibition for Grades 7, 8 and 10 is organized based on the concepts of their Visual Arts units (artists, artistic movements and influences) and the art making practices (skills, techniques and medias) that these grades have been focused on Term 1 and 2. 17.00 - 19.00 Feb/02/2018

  • Science Fair 2017

    WAT's SCIENCE FAIR 2017 Today Grade 4 to 11 students displayed their research, scientific experiments and technology inventions at WAT's Science Fair 2017. Students researched a science topic and presented their findings and demonstrated an experiment. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. TBA 13.00 - 16.00 May/26/2017

  • Entry Exams and Scholarships

    WAT will hold its initial Entrance Examination in English, Mathematics and Science, which will be held in conjunction with the Scholarship Examination, on Saturday, April 22, beginning at 09.00. The Entrance and Scholarship Exam will be held in three parts of 90 minutes each: English at 09.00, Mathematics at 11.00, and Science at 13.00. 09.00 - 14.00 Apr/22/2017

  • Football Match WAT Vs. GDQ

    16.15 - 17.15 Nov/10/2016

  • First day of school

    Kindly note that the first day at school is Monday 5th September 2016 at 8:15AM, it’s a half school day, school ends at 12:00PM. 8.20 - 12.00 Sep/05/2016

  • Back to school day

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. We are inviting you to attend our “Back-to-School” tomorrow Thursday, September 1st from 09:30AM-11:30 AM. This will be a great chance to strengthen our WAT community, meet teachers and other families to learn about the upcoming school year. 9.30 - 11.30 Sep/01/2016

  • 100 days of School (Primary)

    . We will mark the day by wearing a 100 something (tee shirt or hat for example with a 100 collection). Also we will take our annual 100 Day Photo with all our students. 08.30 - 15.30 Feb/17/2016

  • Friendship Day (Primary)

    The student council is surveying the student to decide whether we will have a party or a movie night. We are looking forward to the PTA’s support in this event! Stay tuned for more information. 08.30 - 15.30 Feb/12/2016

  • Carnival (Primary)

    We will mark this international event by dressing up in our favorite costume and/or mask (not Halloween please). Classes will decorate their doors and we will have a traditional parade. 08.30 - 15.30 Feb/09/2016

  • Chinese New Year - Primary NEWS

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! 2016 is the year of the Monkey. We will have a Chinese Menu at lunch eating with chopsticks. With the help of one of our student council member, Dea, we will make a video wishing everyone a happy Chinese new year in Chinese. We will have a parade with dragons, lanterns and a lot of noise. Please remember to wear red on that day. 08.30 - 15.30 Feb/04/2016

  • Groundhog Day - Primary Assembly

    We will celebrate with a Weather Assembly in the cafeteria with a calendar made by Grade 1. As part of their Unit, Grade 1 will encourage all primary grades to participate in predicting the weather for the whole month of February. The classes will use this information in their study of data and probability. 08.30 - 15.30 Feb/02/2016

  • Grade 6/11-Trip to Collect Water Samples (Secondary)

    On Friday 29th January a combined group of Grade 6/11 students will be going on a field-trip that will take them to the Artificial Lake, Lunder Lake, Tirana and Durres. 08.30 - 14.30 Jan/29/2016

  • Debate club (Secondary)

    Learning to Speak Your Mind! As of this term, Ms. Amanda Leavitt will be offering a new club, the “Debate Club”. The original idea for starting the new club came from two students in Grade 10, Sara Teme and Atis Kazaferi. Well-done students for taking initiative! Every Wednesdays, students will have the opportunity to meet after school to learn about the art of debate. 15.20 - 16.20 Jan/20/2016

  • Grade 2 Show

    "medieval times" 13.30 - 14.00 Jan/13/2016

  • Parents Night - Secondary

    17.00 - 18.30 Oct/01/2015

  • Parents Night - Primary

    17.00 - 18.30 Sep/30/2015

  • Teachers Professional Development Day

    No school after 12.00 12.30 - 16.30 Sep/23/2015

  • School Start

    Our first day of School. 8.20 - 3.15 Sep/07/2015


    It's our open day at WAT! Come and visit our new Campus and meet teachers. 9.00 - 12.00 Sep/04/2015

  • Professional Development Day

    School ends at 12.00. Work day for teachers. 12:00 - 16:00 Apr/24/2015

  • MYP Parents' Workshop 2015

    In this workshop we will focus on the following aspects of the MYP: General information about the IB and its history; WAT' journey through the MYP so far; The different parts of the MYP Programme; Organisation of Teaching and learning in the MYP; Assessment in the MYP; Approach to teaching an MYP unit. Questions/answers session. 17:30 - 20:00 Apr/20/2015

  • Spring Break

    NO SCHOOL 8:30 - 16:00 Apr/06/2015

  • Student Led Conferences and Report Cards

    NO SCHOOL 8:30 - 16:00 Mar/20/2015

  • Professional Development Day

    School ends at 12.00. Work day for teachers. 12:00 - 16:00 Mar/13/2015

  • Winter Break

    NO SCHOOL 8:00 - 16:00 Feb/20/2015

  • Winter Break

    NO SCHOOL 8:00 - 16:00 Feb/19/2015

  • Professional Development Day

    School ends at 12.00. Work day for teachers. 12.00 - 16.00 Jan/31/2015

  • IB PYP Parent Night

    Grade 4 - 5 17.30 - 19.30 Jan/22/2015

  • IB PYP Parent Night

    Grade 2 - 3 17.30 - 19.30 Jan/21/2015

  • IB PYP Parent Night

    Pre - Elementary and Grade 1 17.30 - 18.30 Jan/20/2015