Leadership & Administrative Staff

Mirlinda Boshnjaku
Head of School

Gladiola Dona
Head of Administration

Hegla Duro
Head of Finance

Shikha Ahuja
Primary Principal

Alena Namotu
Secondary Principal

John Jaques
Dean of Students

Peter Thompson
DP Coordinator


Primary School Teaching Staff

Igli Nako
Music Teacher

As a composer, pianist, and theory teacher, Igli joined the school 7 years ago as its Music teacher. He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Tirana and teaches many different musical styles. Igli has completed 3 IB workshops: An Introduction to the Curriculum Model (Category 1), Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), Inquiry (Category 3). He is very enthusiastic about teaching music to children and contributes music for class celebrations and graduation.

Danjela Çakuli
Dance Teacher

Danjela is a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Tirana. She has taught dance at WAT for seven years, offering co-curricular classes in Ballet, Jazz, Acro and Hip Hop for all ages. Her specialty is ballet and her annual end-of-year Dance Recital is always a sell-out. Danjela has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Choreograpy from the University of Arts in Tirana and has completed 3 IB workshops: An Introduction to the Curriculum Model (Category 1), Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), and Inquiry (Category 3). Danjela is very enthusiastic about sharing her love of dance with her students because she believes everyone needs daily exercise to lead a healthy and active life.

Alketa Nuhu
Albanian Language Teacher

Alketa Nuhu is a qualified teacher from Tirana, with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education, Masters in Primary Education, and years of experience teaching at public and private schools in Albania. Alketa also taught early years in Greece. She has completed three IB workshops: An Introduction to the Curriculum Model (Category 1), Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), and Inquiry (Category 3). This is her 5th year teaching Albanian Language at WAT.

Anjeza Shatku
Albanian Language and Literature

Anjeza graduated in Albanian Language and Literature at the University of Tirana, and studied Political Science at the University of Genoa in Italy. She worked as a journalist and interpreter before becoming a teacher. This is Anjeza’s third year at WAT. With interests in music, visual arts and sports, she leads the Italian Culture Club as a co-curricular activity. Anjeza has completed two IB trainings: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) and Inquiry (Category 3). Her quote “Learn while you are teaching” is her mantra for teaching.

Anxhela Kllogjeri
French Language Teacher

Anxhela has studied French for 16 years, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Education and French, then earning a Scientific Master in Teaching French. Anxhela has worked with children across all age groups and has been teaching for 4 years. Anxhela is in her second year of teaching at WAT, and is very enthusiastic to ensure her students enjoy learning French and discover the wonders of French culture.

Clemens Kienzle
German Language Teacher

Clemens Kienzle is originally from southwest Germany near the German-Swiss border. Like many of our students, he is a third culture kid and has lived abroad since childhood, including a few years spent in Tirana. He holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics from Brock University in Canada, and a Master in Multi-lingualism Studies and Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Before coming to Albania Clemens taught German and English for four years at an international school in Chengdu in China. In his second year at WAT, Clemens will be teaching German for native speakers and as a foreign language for students who want to learn the language.

Diane Coon
PHE Teacher

Diane Coon is a graduate from the United States where she studied Communication, specializing in Sport Communication. Diane has spent the past two years in Albania as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She lived in a small, southern Albanian town where she taught English and soon fell in love with the community and the country. Diane has been coaching for eight years, both leading and developing programs. She has coached at a variety of levels and has experience with many age groups. Diane has also been an active athlete for her entire life. During college, Diane played intercollegiate volleyball and worked for the Sports Information Staff. She looks forward to working at WAT this year and developing opportunity in Sport for the WAT community. Diane is passionate about volunteering, reading, the outdoors, and having fun.

Shikha Ahuja
Primary Principal / PYP Coordinator

Shikha Ahuja is from New Delhi, India, and has a Masters degree in English Honours from Delhi University. She holds a Bachelors of Education degree and has taught for 9 years. Shikha is extremely passionate about providing holistic education for her students. Having taught in PYP and MYP, Shikha has experience of making inquiry based learning meaningful in the classroom. She has been an IB educator at the prestigious Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad, DPS International School in Gurgaon and Ecole Ruban Vert in Libreville Gabon before coming to WAT in 2016. Shikha has completed five IB workshops: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), Reading and Writing through Inquiry in PYP (Category 3), Concept-based Learning (Category 3), Launching the MYP (Category 1) and Pedagogical Leadership (Category 2). As the PYP Principal and Coordinator at WAT, Shikha’s task is helping our teachers develop creative Units of Inquiry and authentic student evaluations. She will lead PYP teachers through the school’s first PYP Evaluation process by the IB in November 2018.

Melissa Haver

Melissa originates from the US, and this will be her fifth year at WAT. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Nebraska. She has nine years of experience working with children of different ages, mainly in a Pre-Elementary/Elementary setting. She likes to facilitate creative and critical thinking opportunities for her students, and loves to incorporate music, art, and science into her PYP Units of Inquiry. Melissa is a qualified teacher and has completed the IB workshops: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) and Inquiry in the Classroom (Category 3). She enjoys teaching at WAT and looks forward to the new school year.

Mary Harwood
Grade 2

Mary Harwood is from Canada, where she attended the University of Ottawa to earn her Bachelor degree in English and Geography before pursuing an Education degree in Primary Education at the University of New Brunswick. Mary taught in South Korea and for 4 years at a PYP classroom teacher at an IB World School in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, before moving to Albania last year. This will be Mary's ninth year of teaching, and her second year at WAT. She has completed three IB workshops: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), Concept-Based Learning (Category 3) and Assessment (Category 3). Mary creatively plans her lessons and units to incorporate the interests and needs of her students into each day's learning. She enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, scuba diving and hiking, and is always eager to explore new corners of the world.

Jennifer Yaver
Grade 4

Jennifer is form US and has 6 years of teaching experience internationally for grade 2, 3 and 4. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Professional Certification in elementary education and is experienced in designing Cross – Curricular lessons. Jennifer is certified by the State of Florida to teach grade K – 6 and has completed the IB training “Making the PYP happen” (Category 1) and Concept - Based Learning (Category 3). Jennifer is dedicated to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and supportive for all students and differentiates instructions to help with students’ emotional and academic developments.

Majel (Maria) Anderson
Grade 3

Majel Anderson is from the Philippines but has lived abroad for many years. Her passion for teaching and life-long learning has led her to Thailand then to Shanghai, China, and now to WAT. She holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. Majel has been teaching for more than 13 years and has taught across all grade levels and subjects. She has also played a vital role when she became the Head of Primary at her previous school in Thailand. Majel has been a passionate IB PYP educator for 3 years and has attended 2 IB workshops: Making the PYP happen (Category 1), and Inquiry (Category 3). She has also completed Philosophy for Children Certifications for Level 1 & 2 and loves to facilitate critical thinking and questioning skills in her classes. Majel is excited to be joining together with her husband, Will (Grade 4 teacher) the WAT family next school year!

Maria Josel Arce
Grade 3

Maria holds a Bachelor Degree in Education and Psychology as well as a Master Degree in Special Education. She has 10 years of teaching experience, and has been an IB PYP teacher for the past 4 years for Grades 1 and 3, here at WAT and at her previous IB World School in Manila. Maria has completed IB workshops for Teaching and Learning in PYP (Category 2), Assessment in PYP (Category 2), and Reading and Writing through Inquiry in PYP (Category 3). Maria facilitates inquiry-based learning experiences that are purposeful and fun in her classroom, making thinking visible through collaboration and encouraging students to ask questions make choices and take action. She looks forward to work together with her new colleagues, students and their parents to ensure her students’ learning experience is as remarkable as possible.

Amanda Doll
Grade 2

Amanda grew up in North Carolina in the US, but has lived in Albania for 10 years. This will be her seventh year of teaching at WAT. Amanda was a member of the teaching team who developed and implemented the PYP curriculum at WAT, leading the school to PYP authorization in 2014 to become Albania’s first IB World School. Amanda attended Western Carolina University and is a K-12 qualified teacher. Amanda has completed 3 IB workshops: An Introduction to the Curriculum Model and Making the PYP Happen (Category 1), and Inquiry (Category 3). In addition to spending time with her sons 3-year-old Maks and 1-month-old Oliver, Amanda creates inquiry-based, differentiated exploration activities to engage her students’ diverse interests, talents and personalities and make PYP happen in the classroom.

William Anderson
Grade 4

Will Anderson is from the US and began working as a Special Education teacher in Hawaii. He has a passion for recognizing the innate desire to learn that all students hold. He has been a homeroom teacher within the IB PYP for 3 years in Shanghai, China and has taught in the US and Thailand for many years, across all grade levels. Will loves to integrate technology and teamwork skills into his classroom inquiries. He holds Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and has completed 2 IB workshops: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) and Inquiry (Category 3) and has been a PYP grade 5 exhibition mentor in 2016 and 2018. Will has worked with school professional learning communities to help improve school-wide differentiation, action in the PYP, English curriculum development, and working on the team for standard C2: written curriculum, for an IB PYP school's self-evaluation. He is honored to be given this chance to join WAT and to live in Albania, a country rich in history and culture.

Tyler Smet
Grade 5

Tyler Smet is from Canada, and has taught in international IB schools before moving to Albania. This will be Tyler's eighth year of teaching, and his second year at WAT. Tyler graduated from St. Thomas University, Canada, specializing in Language Acquisition and Psychology. Tyler has experience in IB, and has taught PYP in Malaysia before moving to Albania last year. He has completed IB workshops on Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) and Assessment (Category 2), The Role of Language (Category 3) and Inquiry in the PYP (Category 3). Tyler has lead workshops to help parents to better understand assessment in PYP while preparing them to support their children’s development outside their classroom. Tyler has a passion for education and languages and even though he did very well in teaching MYP at WAT this year, his heart is in the PYP and he wants to return there, teaching grade 5.

Tim Brown
Grade 1

Tim Brown joins the WAT team with over 20 years of teaching experience in his home state of North Carolina. He has a Masters in Elementary Education from Elon University, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and a K-12 teaching certification in Theatre Education from Lenoir-Rhyne University. During his years of teaching, he helped develop a new public school in North Carolina and held many different leadership roles in the school. Tim used inquiry based learning while teaching his students English Language Arts. While not teaching, he created a non-profit community theatre and has performed as an actor in plays and musicals around the state. He also loves to travel and has traveled throughout Europe and the United States. Tim has completed the IB workshop Making the PYP Happen (Category 1).

Kyle Moye
Grade 5

Kyle Moye is an IB trained teacher from the US and has lived in Albania for four years. This is Kyle’s second year at WAT. Last year Kyle taught Grade 2 while he had previous experience working with youth as a counselor for Boys and Girls Clubs, at summer theatre camps, and teaching English. Kyle has completed two IB workshops: Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) and Concept-based Learning in PYP (Category 3). Kyle is passionate about helping youth reach their potential.

Joanne Harrison
Grade 1

Joanne Harrison comes from UK and has been a primary teacher for 25 years. She holds a bachelor degree in primary teaching and environmental studies. Joanne also holds a lot of certifications on emotional wellbeing of children, writing, reading, Singapore math and is also IB trained. She is new to Albania and is very excited to join our motivated team of teachers. As a teacher, she enjoys working with parents and always tries to build a good relationship with them and is open to try new ideas. Along with her extensive pedagogical experience she loves to organize musical events and has also taken over duties as music and art coordinator.

Alain Beaussier
PYP French teacher

Alain is French and has come to Albania 6 years ago as the Attaché of Cooperation for French. Before that, Alain has worked as a French teacher and leader at Alliance Française as well as the project leader for promoting French language in many countries. Alain holds a master degree and has a lot of pedagogical qualifications for teaching French as a foreign language. He loves teaching and promoting the French language. Alain is IB trained and loves to implement inquiry based teaching in his classes.


Secondary School Teaching Staff

Alena Namotu
Secondary Principal

Alena hails from Fiji, a beautiful island in the South Pacific. She joined WAT 2 years ago as our MYP Coordinator and continues in that role this year, as well as that of Secondary Principal. Alena’s 12 years of IB experience includes teaching DP History and DP Geography, with extensive training and experience in both MYP and DP. Alena completed her Bachelor of Education degree in Geography and History, and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of the South Pacific. She has completed seven IB workshops: Supervising the DP Extended Essay (Category 2), Implementing DP History (Category 1) Introduction to MYP (Category 1), Developing MYP Units of Work (Category 3) Inter-disciplinary Units in the MYP (Category 3), MYP Personal Project (Category 3), MYP Coordinator (Category 3). Alena has also earned credits from Kent State University for her experience as a DP examiner. She is passionate about History and Geography, and brings that energy into the classroom. Alena will work closely with DP and MYP students and parents to ensure that her teachers provide their students with the best educational experience.

Admir Kellezi
DP Physics, DP Chemistry / MYP Integrated Sciences

Admir Kellezi was born in Tirana and moved to the US as a teenager, earning two degrees from the University of Nebraska, a Bachelor in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and Masters in Business Administration. He received his teaching qualification from the University of West Florida, and is working on his Ph.D in Biophysical Chemistry. For 10 years, Admir was a researcher at Eppley Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Before joining WAT 4 years ago, his teaching experience included both university and secondary. Admir anticipates sharing his passion for Science with students in DP Physics and DP Chemistry. He has completed four IB workshops: Supervising the DP Extended Essay (Category 2), Implementing DP Physics (Category 2), Implementing DP Chemistry (Category 1), and Implementing Science in MYP (Category 1).

Merijada Dusha
Humanities Teacher (Albanian)

Merijada is Albanian. She is has studied Humanities at the University of Tirana. She has been working as a Humanities teacher in public schools and as a coordinator of preschool education. She has a long experience in education, teaching, supervising the educational program and preparing educational resources. She has organized various trainings for teachers. She has completed the following IB training : Making PYP happen (category 1), Launching the MYP, Implementing the MYP curriculum (category 1), Pedagogy and Psychology for the Early Childhood, Children’s Rights, Strategic Communication, The Role of the Civil Society in social inclusion and equal treatment, Educational Standards of the Ministry of Education, and different training for strategic planning and management. This coming academic year will be her fifth year of teaching at WAT. She has been teaching Individuals and Societies for grade 6-10, Albanian History for grade 9 and Albanian Citizenship for grade 10.

Ervin Dauti
DP Visual Arts / MYP Visual Arts / AP Design

Ervin has a Bachelors and Master of Science degree in Fine Arts. As Assistant Manager of Promenade Gallery, he was responsible for organizing art exhibitions. Ervin has exhibited his own artwork in group exhibitions, festivals and competitions. This is his 4th year teaching at WAT. Ervin has completed four IB workshops: Supervising the DP Extended Essay (Category 2), Launching the MYP (Category 1), Implementing MYP Design (Category 1), and PYP Inquiry (Category 3). He enjoys seeing his students improve their artistic skills and develop confidence.

Peter Thompson
English Language and Literature Teacher

Peter is from England and he has been teaching English Literature and Language at an Independent boarding school in Bath, England, for 10 years: he has many years experience of teaching the GCSE and A Level qualifications. He has a PGCE in English from Bath University and an English Literature degree from Durham University. He is a big fan of Shakespeare and American Literature. In addition, he is a keen sportsman and particularly likes athletics and rugby. This will be his first year teaching at WAT and he is very excited about the experiences ahead.

Shayna Calkins
MYP English Language and Literature

Shayna was raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She received her Bachelor degree in Secondary English Literature and Language Arts from Simpson College in Indianola Iowa. She taught for four years in America and South Korea before joining WAT three years ago. She has completed two IB workshops: Implementing and Delivering English Language and Literature in MYP (Category 1 and 2). Shayna leads the Creative Writing co-curricular activity for MYP students.

Aurora Manaj
Albanian Language and Literature Teacher

Aurora has studied in Tirana where she graduated in Albanian Language and Foreign Literature in 2004. She has worked for 10 years as a book editor of the Albanian Language and as Albanian Language teacher in a NGO. While working in the NGO, she has been trained with TFM, a program of care for the youth at risk which demonstrate compassionate, considerate, respectful and unconditional positive regard for all children. Teaching education and social skills to kids so they develop the best possible chances to succeed in life is her daily inspiration. Aurora loves teaching, volunteering, reading and rock climbing. She has completed the IB training, Implementing the MYP curriculum, Language and Literature. This upcoming year will be her second exiting year working at WAT.

Erdi Kuburi
PHE Teacher

Erdi Kuburi is from Tirana. He earned a teaching degree in Physical Education at the The Institute of Physical Education & Sport (Sports University of Tirana). He has experience teaching many different age groups, coaching football. Erdi loves teaching sports and loves sharing his passion with students. He has successfully completed the IB MYP workshop - Physical and Health Education: Implementing the MYP curriculum (Cat.1). Erdi has completed various Physical & Health Education and First aid training's such as (First aid & CPR, Mass casualty training program-M.A.R.C.H). One of his main goals is to build a healthy and physically fit generation together with the parents and students. This will be Erdi’s third year at WAT teaching Physical and Health Education.

Clemens Kienzle
German Language Teacher

Clemens Kienzle is originally from southwestern Germany near the German-Swiss border. Like many of our students, he is a third culture kid and has lived abroad for many years since childhood. He holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics from Brock University in Canada, and a Master in Multilingualism Studies and Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Before moving to Albania, he spent four years in China teaching German and English at an international school in Chengdu. This is his first year at WAT, teaching German for native speakers and as a foreign language.

Kadir Karaciga
DP Math Studies / MYP Design

Kadir is from Turkey. He has worked as a teacher in many countries since graduation, including USA, Uganda, and Kenya. This will be his 10th year of teaching. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education and a master’s degree in Computer Science from USA. He also has Math Teaching Certificate K-12 from Texas. He uses educational technology and is passionate about computer science, short films, drones and anything related to technology. He is professional Drone pilot as well. He has taught students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Kadir enjoys teaching robotics and programming as an extracurricular activity to the students who are interested in a career in Computer Science Field. Kadir has received one IB MYP Training .

John Jaques
DP Theory of Knowledge (ToK), AP World History

John is originally from the US. He is new to WAT, but served as a Peace Corps Volunteer at a school in Albania for two years, and has additional experience teaching at a high school in the Slovak Republic. John holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, International Studies, and History from Iowa State University, and a Master’s degree in International History from the London School of Economics and Political Science. At WAT, John will be instructing the DP Theory of Knowledge course and ensuring that the WAT campus is a positive learning environment for all students.

Nicole Carey Shiba
MYP Individual and Societies / MYP Design

Nicole is from the US. Her education is in the fields of Business Administration, Public Policy, and Business Law. During her undergraduate and graduate programs Nicole studied international business practices, culture and entrepreneurship in China and South America. Nicole is MYP trained and has started working in education while living in Naples, Italy in the NATO base. She also built a youth program in New York City to help increase creativity through physical and artistic education. These experiences helped her to better understand both the local development of countries and global relations. Prior to moving to Albania, Nicole lived in Prishtina, Kosovo where she worked at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to develop laws that support workers rights, the rights of women and children, and the rights of war veterans. Nicole embraces individual differences and moves forward with the belief that each student has unique qualities that can be developed through support and guidance.

Mitesh Patel
IB DP Economics & English B

Mitesh is an Indian-American who came to Albania as Peace Corps Volunteer which is when he fell in love with the country and decided to stay as a teacher at WAT. Before becoming a PCV Mitesh was a Banker for 8 years doing small business consulting as well as managing a branch of his own. He has Bachelors in Business Administration concentrating in Finance and Economics. His current focus is working on various IB training to prepare himself to be able to give his best to the students at WAT. He has a passion for changing the world for the better starting with the youth who are our future. This is his second year at WAT and he is looking forward to teaching Economics, Statistics, Math, and English. His philosophy in life is that there is one thing that no one can ever take from you: your education!

Mari Hawes
MYP Performing Arts

Mari is originally from San Diego, California but has lived in 14 US states. Travelling has been part of her life and a reason she chose to teach abroad. Mari has a Bachelor’s degree in Education. This is her 6th year as a licensed teacher, though she has worked and volunteered in schools around the US for over 15 years. She has taught in Taiwan, Czech Republic, and Turkey before coming to Albania. She works hard to help students understand what they are trying to learn, using Whole Brain techniques, Interactive Notebooks, chants, songs, and movement. This is Mari’s second year at WAT where she has been an active member of International Film Festival and WAT’s MYP Drama Club. She has an IB training Inquiry (Category 3).

Mahesh Kumar
MYP & DP Math / MYP Science

Mahesh is an experienced IBDP/Cambridge Mathematics teacher with over 10 years of cross-cultural teaching and administrative experience and another 7 years of coaching experience in various academic coaching centers. He has worked in India, Indonesia and China and has acquired deep cultural understanding of education in these countries that benefits the teaching of the Mathematics. Mahesh is an IB examiner and has been trained in IB Mathematics workshops of category 1,2 and 3. Mr. Kumar is a highly qualified teacher with Bachelors, Masters and MPhil degrees in education from University of Delhi. Mahesh is a dedicated and self-motivated leader with proficiency in handling the administrative activities, entailing faculty training and upholding of organizational objectives & aspirations.

Preeti Haldiya
MYP Science, DP Biology

Preeti is an experienced IB DP Biology teacher with over 10 years of International teaching experience in various IB affiliated schools in India, Indonesia and China. Preeti is a qualified teacher with Masters in Biology and Bachelors in Education from University of Delhi. She has done several IB training and guided many students on extended essays. Ms. Preeti is an IB Examiner and Extended Essay moderator as well for last five years. Preeti believes strongly in the philosophy of “learning by doing.” "I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand." That is why most of her classes are activity based which keeps the learner motivated and engaged in a classroom. She loves doing fun science activities and playing Math and science games on the Internet. She is very much interested in new Biological discoveries and inventions. Teaching Biology is her passion and she really enjoys it.

Maher Succar
MYP Math and Science

Maher Succar is Lebanese and has studied and worked for many years in Germany. He studied Physics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, has a master degree and is currently pursuing his PhD Degree at the University of Oldenburg. Maher is an enthusiastic and hardworking teacher who possesses extensive knowledge of contemporary teaching. He has 15 years of teaching experience. He taught Math and Physics for 11 years at the University of Karlsruhe, at the University of Oldenburg, as well as in secondary level schools in Germany. Maher started his international teaching career 4 years ago at an international school in Dubai. He is IB trained and is joining WAT this year as MYP Math and Science teacher.

Alain Beaussier
MYP French teacher

Alain is French and has come to Albania 6 years ago as the Attaché of Cooperation for French. Before that, Alain has worked as a French teacher and leader at Alliance Française as well as the project leader for promoting French language in many countries. Alain holds a master degree and has a lot of pedagogical qualifications for teaching French as a foreign language. He loves teaching and promoting the French language. Alain is IB trained and loves to implement inquiry based teaching in his classes.

Eris Bushati
MYP Visual Art Teacher

Eris originates from Shkodra in Northern Albania, but she has been living in Tirana, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Eris has participated in many art exhibitions, competitions and symposiums. She has been teaching for 6 years, and this is her fourth year at WAT as MYP Visual arts teacher. Eris shares her art experience and knowledge with students, offering the Arts and Crafts co-curricular activity for PYP students, as well as Digital Photography for our MYP students. Eris is IB PYP and MYP trained.

Bradley McDonald
MYP ELL & English B teacher

Bradley comes from US, and for the last 2 years has worked at Kansas State University and has taught English at Secondary level in different countries while working for the American Council for International Education. He has a Bachelor degree from Michigan State University and Master Degree in Cross-Cultural and International Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio as well as a Professional Certificate in Academic Advising. Bradley has a macro understanding of what an International student needs and he always tries to see the big picture. He believes that his teaching philosophy and education will fit very well within an IB setting.


Support Services Staff

Armelle Vioujard Gjoni
College and University Counselor

Armelle is WAT’s College and University Counselor, helping students choose their path towards higher education. She is a French citizen, grew up in Tunisia, is multilingual, holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Languages and International Relations, and has lived and worked internationally all her life. For 5 years, Armelle taught at Colleges in the US and gained international experience teaching French, managing educational services across all age groups. She previously completed PYP curriculum, teaching and administrator workshops, and Supervising the DP Extended Essay (Category 2). Over the past 6 years, Armelle has served WAT as an educator, in administrative roles, and now as College and University Counselor, which makes her a valuable asset to our school’s development.

Xhensila Xhelili
School Psychologist

Xhensila graduated in 2010 with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and holds a scientific master degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tirana. She is currently working on her PhD in Psychotherapy, at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. Xhensila has been working for more than 4 years with children and adolescents individually and in group therapies as well as counseling with parents during the therapeutic process. Xhensila is uniquely qualified member of our school team that support students' ability to learn. She applies expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Dr. Arlinda Polo
School Doctor

Dr. Arlinda has studied general medicine at the Univeristy of Tirana and is currently working on her specialization in the field of public health. She has worked in public health institutions and in private hospitals in Tirana as a general doctor. This is Dr. Arlinda's third year at WAT while she is also working as a lecturer at the University of Medicine. Dr. Arlinda is specialized in Internal Diseases, Epidemiology, Pediatric Psychology and Nutrition.