TAIS league Championship

The WAT Senior Boys Football team won the TAIS league Championship today in a 4-1 game versus Protagonist. After a tough season and barely qualifying for playoffs, the boys came together and worked hard to win the cup. The boys have dedicated the magic, championship, and the cup to Kristian Vasili.

In the first half, we started off with a bang with a forced auto goal off a protagonist defenseman. The first half also resulted in a few yellow cards and fast pace play. At half time the boys were motivated and ready to go. During the second half, goals were scored by Teidi Beta (1), Henri Hasani (1), and Toni Manjani (1). Juli Voda was an incredible goal keeper. WAT defensive players, David Barbullushi, David Stroka, and Josh Moellering all performed excellently. Enio Bicoku and Reglis Prenci were key players from off the bench to maintain positive momentum. Our team played well and stayed focused throughout the match. The solo Protagonist goal was scored in the last minute of the game.