WAT Motivation Club with US Ambassador Ms. Yuri Kim

As part of the WAT Motivation Club (a WAT special monthly event), we welcomed this Tuesday, the US Ambassador to the Republic of Albania, Ms. Yuri Kim. She gave a very inspiring motivational speech where she spoke to them at a personal level about her experience as a young girl and what motivated her in choosing her career path as a diplomat. She also talked about her experience in Albania and her optimism for the countries future that lies ahead. She encouraged the students that after completing their studies they should always think of ways of how they can contribute to their country and community. Sh also reiterated to them the sense of responsibility that comes with having a privileged status. There was a lot of interactive conversation where our students gained lots of inspiration. It was an experience that WAT students and faculty gained not only motivation, but a sense of positivity as well. We thank the Ambassador for making time to visit us and our DP student Mea Mata for organizing this event in the framework of WAT Motivation Club! #students #motivation #school #ibdp #ibworldschool #diplomacy