Thank you for your interest in World Academy of Tirana

How to apply

To make the process as smooth as possible, your application will be submitted via our admissions portal.

The admissions portal will remain open for the duration of your admissions journey. You can log in to the portal to view your progress and submit documents at any time, you will also receive a notification when there is an update. However, please note that once you submit forms and sign documents, you will no longer be able to make edits.

If you have previously enquired to the school, please use the same email address to log in to the portal because this enables us to identify you.

To Help You Prepare

To submit your application form, you will be asked to upload the following supporting documents. Further documents will be required throughout the process, but these documents are required to get you started.

  • Copy of Child’s Photograph
  • Copy of Child's Passport
  • Copy of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Passport
  • Copy of Vaccination Card

Get started by clicking into the portal below: