It was an honour to celebrate HM The King’s birthday in Tirana with dignitaries, politicians, colleagues, partners and friends - a testament to the strength of diplomatic relations between the UK and Albania.

The King’s Birthday festivities have become a tradition here in Tirana, and our school is a proud sponsor of this annual event organised by the British Embassy, with guests taking this opportunity to raise a toast to the King and to the friendship between our two countries and people.

Coincidentally, this occasion also marked the 1-year anniversary of the World Academy of Tirana becoming part of the Orbital Education group of schools and we welcomed Karl Wilkinson, Regional Head of Schools to join us for this special celebration.

Karl Wilkinson KBP cover

Each of the Orbital Education group of internationally acclaimed schools is unique but united in the aim to deliver an outstanding education.

As British Ambassador, I set out to forge the strongest possible relationship between the United Kingdom and Albania. As our Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, said when he visited last month, we now have a flourishing, wide-ranging partnership: A security partnership. A defence partnership. A trade and economic development partnership. A justice partnership. This has only been possible because of your friendship and your hard work. Now, other countries want to learn from Albania and the UK."

Alastair King-SmithBritish Ambassador to Albania

Orbital Education are delighted to bring their UK expertise to support the continued excellence of the World Academy of Tirana for many years to come.