For many years, our school's International Night has been a highly anticipated event, celebrating the 38 different cultures represented within our community.

This parent-driven activity has grown into a vibrant festival of traditions, delicious foods, and colourful costumes, offering a unique opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to experience the world without leaving our school grounds.

Highlights of International Night include the national dishes prepared by parents, where each family brings a dish that holds cultural significance or is a beloved traditional meal.

Complementing the gastronomic taste are the traditional costumes worn by parents and children alike. These vibrant outfits are a testament to the rich cultural diversity of our community.

WAT International night vid

International Night is more than just a celebration of cultures; it is a vital community-building event. It provides a platform for parents to take an active role in their children's education, sharing their heritage and personal stories with the wider school community. This active participation helps to strengthen the bonds between families, teachers, and students, creating a more inclusive and cohesive environment for learning.

For 10 years now, our International Night has been a cherished tradition at WAT, embodying the spirit of unity in diversity, and we are incredibly proud of our wonderful community!