The educational journey of students is a remarkable narrative of growth, discovery, and transformation. This is Mei's journey.

From the tender years of early childhood to the challenging terrain of upper grades, students embark on a voyage that shapes their intellect, character, and aspirations. As we reflect on this journey, we witness the evolution of young minds, guided by the nurturing hands of educators and the support of families.

Mei, our student in this video, started her educational journey when she was only 9 months old at International Montessori School of Albania (IMSA). Now she is finishing grade 9 at World Academy of Tirana (WAT), together with other classmates that she met in her early years at IMSA. She has excellent results and a very creative mind. This video is her own creation.

Mei Story 2

Ms. Danjela, her dance teacher when she was a toddler, who still teaches in the Primary Years Programme at WAT, and other teachers at IMSA and WAT, are witnesses to our students’ journey.

It is a journey marked by growth, discovery, and transformation — a journey that shapes not only our students’ academic achievements but also their character, values, and aspirations, and we couldn't be any prouder!