WAT Life

WAT is a vivid and friendly place where students of 38 different nationalities share their educational journey in a family-like atmosphere. 

Daily schedule

Our school gates will open at 8am for students to come inside the campus. Students will wait outside in their designated supervised playgrounds until 8:15 am when they will be allowed to enter the school and go to their respective classrooms.

We encourage all parents to drop off their children at approximately 08:15 and ask parents to drop off their children absolutely no later than 8:25. Classes will start at 8:30 am sharp but we can only start at 8:30 if students have had time to walk to the class, settle in, have a chat with their class mates and with the teacher and get their materials ready for an 08:30 start.

The school day for primary students will end at 3:10pm. This is the case for all students including those taking Albanian Mother Tongue classes. Albanian Language classes are part of the regular schedule. While Albanian Mother Tongue students will be taking a daily 45min class, the other students will have a number of different options, including Albanian as an Additional Language, ESL or homework class.

Parents should notify the school office in the morning when their child is absent. When a child has acquired an infectious disease, a medical certificate must be provided the day your child returns. If a student is repeatedly late, it will be recorded and reflected on the report card. The office and class teachers should be notified at least one week in advance of any extended absences that are known ahead of time.

Unless your child has an after-school class or activity, we kindly ask parents to pick up their children and leave the school at 3:25 at the very latest.


Our facilities include

Campus building

The new WAT campus located at the best suburb of Tirana-Lunder, is a large, modern and well-equipped building. The covered squaretage exceeds 4.700 m2 and includes over 40 classrooms equipped with the latest technology and amenities, four large libraries, project rooms, dance studio, indoor gym, music hall, science labs, art and design studios and all other adjoining facilities that are in accordance to international school standards.


WAT’s libraries are warm and comfortable spaces well stocked with necessary editions. We are regularly increasing our book supply with the aim of providing stimulus, enjoyment and entertainment for students, teachers and parents. The libraries offer a wide variety of fiction ranging from picture books for Primary years to novels for the SecondarySchool. We also have reference books, teacher resource books, and a good selection of non-fiction books.

Safety and security

Our school is secured by a private security company, which provides 24 hours of security. Visitors will be escorted to the school secretary to sign in and to receive a visitor’s badge and will then be escorted to their designated appointment. There is a designated drop off and pick up zone for children located at the entrance of the school. Fire and earthquake drills  are held several times a year.

Campus outdoor

The campus has a large outdoor territory. The playground for primary students is well-equipped and floor covered. The multi sports court for upper primary and secondary students is an international standard size covering a total of 400 m2. In addition, the school may use the lawn in front of the building for recreational purposes.

Cafeteria and bistro

The school has a modern cafeteria with over 200 seats, where all KG – Grade 12 students have lunch out of a well-regulated menu consisting of healthy and tasty meals. On the other hand, our Bistro, located near the cafeteria, is open for Parents and DP Students throughout the day and serves high quality drinks and snacks.

Doctor's office

The school Doctor’s office is open during school hours. The school doctor is present at all times. The school administers medication only in urgent situations and only after parents have provided written permission.